A complete x-ray computer based training.

Eagle7 is a class leading computer based training platform, designed to meet the stringent training requirements of the aviation security industry.

The web-based CBT entirely dedicated to training and certification of x-ray screeners employed in security activities at airports, seaports and other sensitive locations such as prisons, courthouses and military sites.

Eagle7 meets all requirements set by EU 2015-1998, TSA and ICAO Annex 17.

It is ideal for initial and recurrent training, as well as for standarized certification exams.

Eagle7 libraries are made of original x-ray images making the training realistic and effective.

It is available via the internet with any DSL connection or Wi-Fi.

Connect with a PC, Tablet, Smartphone everywhere you are!

Eagle7 may be applied for initial and continuos training (6x6) and for certification tests as well.


Real threat images, dual view display

Multi threat detection

Compliance with EU Reg

Cargo, airport supply, Mail and courier


Eagle7 is available in different license solutions to ensure maximum training flexibility customized to your specific needs


Pay-per-use license accessible via any internet browser


License per PC unit linked to Mac Address and/or IP address


Install Eagle on a local server LAN 

Stand ALone

Stand alone license per PC unit without internet connection


A complete list of screeners courses

X-Ray Operator

A full training course for x-ray operators including modules for HBS and checkpoint screeners.

CTX Training

A course teaching the use of Computer Tomography X-ray explosive detection devices.

Cargo Screening

Specially designed course for cargo operators to meet the EU 185/2010 regulation.


Psychometric tests for pre-employment screening of x-ray operators. Fully integrated into Eagle, Cadet makes it possible to compare pre-employment test results with x-ray operator on the job performance.

General Security Training

Training course for airport pass holders that meets GSAT, SIDA and BSAT standards.

PRM Training

Training for both security and customer service agents in handling Persons with Reduced Mobility.

In-flight Security

A specialised course for airline crew members to handle in-flight security incidents.

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